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Attractions Management

Skyrail-ITM provides a comprehensive management service for tourist attractions encompassing all aspects of operations, sales and marketing, guest services, retailing, food and beverage, maintenance, safety, environmental management, finance and administration. The Skyrail-ITM team are the tourism management professionals.


Planning, development, operations and maintenance. Skyrail-ITM has unmatched understanding of the development and operation of large tourist cableways. Skyrail-ITM is completely independent from the ropeway manufacturers, with real world experience in planning, developing and operating cableways, safely and profitably. Just building it is only part of the challenge. Skyrail-ITM provides the whole story.

Planning and Feasibility Studies

The success is created before construction starts and Skyrail-ITM believes in involvement from the very beginning to craft a great tourism experience that becomes a great investment as well. To begin with the end in mind, Skyrail-ITM joined with RPS Group to establish Skyrail-ITM Consulting. Specialising in planning and feasibility studies for cableways and tourist attraction projects, Skyrail-ITM Consulting is the first step in creating a successful development.

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